• Cris is so passionate and caring about working with canines of all personalities. She was very professional with scheduling and following up after a PT session, she truly cares about the success of your four legged pals. We discovered new and exciting ways to work with our pups and even learned their hidden talents, who knew they could balance so well!? Cris knows how to bring out the best in your pups and make exercises fun. We will be continuing to use and apply the new exercises into our daily routine because it works! So happy we got the opportunity to meet Cris and become educated on how to keep our pups strong, healthy, and active with less limitations and pain.
    Angeline Petersen
  • Our senior dog Sandi has arthritis in her hips and spine, other neurologic issues and dementia. When we were introduced to Crissy she was in really bad shape. Crissy worked with us for about 8 weeks, and developed a progressive exercise program that has greatly improved Sandi's mobility and her quality of life. I would highly recommend Treasure Valley Canine Rehab if your dog needs physical therapy. The results are amazing!
    Thomas Cline
  • The exercises Cris set up for my dog Gunner were geared to help improve endurance, mobility and strength. Cris’s teaching made it easy for my daughter and I to execute them with Gunner. Afterwards Gunner was left a happy tired dog. Gunner looks forward to his exercises. It’s a win win!!! Thank you!!!
    Lisa Ascariz
  • I have had only positive experience with Treasure Valley Canine Rehab. Dr Cris is awesome with my aging dog and has made such a turnaround for her over these last few months. Recently we had an unavoidable stretch of inactivity and Dr. Cris reviewed the treatment plan and made some modifications to really focus on the individual, personalized response of our companion. Amazing care!
    Marsha Franklin
  • Cris is amazing! My dogs loved her, even my shy dogs that won't go to strangers. Unfortunately, several of my dogs have orthopedic issues that resulted in multiple surgeries, I'm hoping to prevent the need for further surgeries, which is why I contacted Cris. She worked with each dog individually and picked exercises that would benefit them and their particular issues the most. She also taught me what to do and what it was working, so I can continue on my own. She gave them a lot of praise and treats that kept them engaged and really enjoying the sessions. Cris was also very patient with one of my dogs that was scared; she took extra time and went very slow with him. She is just fantastic to work with and I'm truly grateful for the health benefits of the exercises. Thank you so much Cris!
    Lacey Carnell
  • As a PT myself, I was curious about the benefits of canine physical therapy. Cris is a fantastic clinician who does a thorough job explaining the benefits of each exercise, how to facilitate it, and how to progress it when appropriate. She provided the tools for me to keep my 3-year-old doodle healthy and happy for years to come!
    Brianna Albrecht